Toyota Seeks To Limit Atty Funding In Acceleration MDL

The people at Law360 are bringing us another part of the Toyota MDL litigation saga.  It seems the folks at Toyota don’t like the idea of paying for plaintiffs attorneys.

Perhaps Toyota should strive for better quality or when they mess up they should be more helpful and quicker with the help for their customers (or Victims might be a better word). Here is the short info from Law360:

Toyota Motor Corp. told a California federal court on Monday that it should not be forced to set aside funds for plaintiffs’ attorneys, on top of the settlements or judgments paid to plaintiffs, in multidistrict litigation over an alleged acceleration defect.

The plaintiffs in the litigation have filed a motion for entry of a common benefit order to establish fee- and cost-sharing arrangements among their counsel.

The motion appears to seek a requirement that Toyota pay fees or costs beyond awards included in settlement and judgments.