Vauxhall shows film – with water as the screen

Vauxhall has commissioned a film which will be projected on to a giant screen made of water squirted up from Regents Canal in London.

At the end of the film the jet of water is switched off, leaving no trace behind. It will take place at “The Filling Station” in Kings Cross, which is, as you probably guessed, a disused petrol station, from 6th – 16th September.

London based moving image artist Max Hattler describes his animation as a “psychedelic geometric ballet, with abstract shapes playing out into a circus of super energised movement and colour.” The film will be projected onto the 10×15 meter water-jet screen rising every hour between 8 – 10pm.

Curator John Bingham-Hall says: “With the Vauxhall Ampera’s forward-thinking technology as a starting point, Vauxhall Motors and Office Of Change wanted to commission not just fresh artwork from moving image artist Max Hattler but create an innovative way to show art in London. The Canal Commission will be a sensational visual event to view from The Kings Cross Filling Station.”

The “Vauxhall Ampera Season” has been developed to offer “an engaging and relevant program of culture, free to the public, with a focus on celebrating the fascinating future of art, science and technology.” It seems to be Vauxhall’s version of the cultural Olympiad.