TreadWright introduces new bead-to-bead remold tyres for lorries and SUVs

TreadWright, a leading American manufacturer of remolded tyres forĀ lorries and SUVs, has announced the launch of its new bead-to-bead tyre.

Bead-to-bead is a process of applying new rubber veneer to the tyre sidewalls, significantly enhancing the tyre’s cosmetic appearance and long-term performance.

The new bead-to-bead tyres will have the TreadWright brand name on the sidewalls providing a customer with a cleaner and more consistent look. The new sidewall veneer provides additional benefit in that it further seals the tyre improving the overall durability.

“The new bead-to-bead product offers our customers a tyre that has a new look and feel,” said Joel Hawkins, vice president for TreadWright. “The fact that TreadWright only uses premium casings, coupled with the bead-to-bead technology, means our remolded tyres will look and perform like new. Our tyres provide superior value because, without sacrificing safety or handling, the cost can be as much as 60 percent less than a comparable brand name tyre.”