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London’s nitrogen dioxide pollutants are highest in Europe

London has a dirty secret. Levels of the harmful air pollutant nitrogen dioxide at a city center monitoring station are the highest in Europe.

Concentrations are greater even than in Beijing, where some have dubbed the city’s smog the “airpocalypse.”

London to be Fiat Chrysler headquarters, Marchionne says

London to be Fiat Chrysler headquarters, Marchionne says

The headquarters of the newly merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will move to London, CEO Sergio Marchionne clarified on Thursday, cementing a politically sensitive shift away from Italy, Fiat’s home for the past 115 years.

Matte black Lamborghini Aventador crashes on Sloane Street in London

Going over the speed limit on city streets is not a good idea. Doing it in a 700 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador is clearly a freaking bad idea!

French billionaire Bollore to expand electric car-sharing scheme to London

French billionaire Vincent Bollore has unveiled plans to park 3,000 electric cars on London streets by 2016, as part of a car-sharing scheme that emulates the popular bike-sharing program started in 2010 under Mayor Boris Johnson.

Bollore, CEO of the group bearing his name which set up the Autolib electric car-sharing program in Paris in 2011, said that car-sharing fleets of battery-powered cars could help cut congestion and reduce pollution in the British capital.

London proposes increasing Congestion charge


London’s congestion charge is set to increase, with the daily charge rising 15% from £10 to £11.50. The proposed rise would affect those who auto pay, too, with the £9 auto pay charge rising to £10.50.