New Mazda 6 Skyactiv On Sale From 26th January

Unlike most new cars that contain carry-over engines, transmissions and other technology, the new Mazda 6 Skyactiv is genuinely an all-new car, and goes on sale on 26th January.

Mazda calls the look, “Kodo, soul of motion” and the styling is meant to represent a crouching animal about to leap forwards. In ‘Soul Red’ metallic paint it somehow makes me think of a dragon.

Beneath its stunning looks is the Skyactiv engine, transmission, body structure and chassis technology that Mazda has been developing for the past four years to make a conventionally engineered internal combustion engined car as efficient and as exciting as possible.The 150PS 2.2 diesel engine emits as little as 104g/km CO2, so costs buttons to tax. Even the automatic is under 130g/km, in the £100 a year annual tax bracket with corresponding benefits for company drivers.Now it’s available, from £19,595 for the very well equipped 2.0 petrol engined SE, at least 9 months ahead of next year’s new Ford Mondeo.

The car comes on big wheels, but don’t let that put you off. The 17” wheels have 55 profile tyres so ride quality is not compromised. The ride is also surprisingly good on the 19” wheels with 45 profile tyres, but you only get them on top-end ‘Sport’ models.

There’s no hatchback but, as you’ll see from the price list, the Tourer is only £870 more than the saloon, instead of the usual £1,200 – £1,500. So it’s no big jump.

Whichever, you get a lot of technology for your money. I-ELOOP is particularly interesting because it’s something no one else offers.

Basically, it uses brake energy regeneration to charge a capacitor, so whenever you lift off or brake, the alternator charges the capacitor and that supplies electrical power for one minute before needing power via the battery. It saves about 11g/km CO2 on the 150PS diesel and offers 7.7 more mpg, though the savings are less on the petrol engines.

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