European automakers – first Vehicle to Vehicle communications telematics conference

Vehicle to vehicle communication will transform automotive safety, enabling deployment of effective active safety features for mass market adoption. This offers a huge business opportunity for the telematics, automaker and ITS communities as there is a chance to provide the technology and strategies to deploy this technology on European roads.

The V2X for Auto Safety and Mobility Conference is the first opportunity for key stakeholders to come together to learn, debate and build new relations that will be fundamental to the monetisation of this new tech. The expert speaker line-up includes BMW, Renault, SCANIA, European Commission, ITS UK and many other V2X thought-leaders.

Shreya Ganapathy, project director for Telematics Update, stresses how fundamental this opportunity for these communities to converge really is. “To get this technology off the ground the ecosystem – government, automakers, telematics providers, tier ones and road operators – must communicate to find standards for interoperability and share results from FOTs (field operation tests). The proposed NHTSA mandate in the U.S. is already having an impact. European players have been spurred into action. Never before has the entire ecosystem needed to come together and this conference will bring all the research and testing that’s out there under one roof.”

The V2X for Auto Safety & Mobility Conference Feb. 20 and 21,, Le Meridien Park Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany has an independently researched agenda and will focus on the following topics:

  • Commercialization of V2X Technology: Evaluate options such as e-tolling and platooning for the commercialisation of V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology to deliver ROI for investors and stakeholders
  • Safety – The Ultimate Stimulus For V2X Offerings: Hear which V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle/infrastructure) safety initiatives like INTERSAFE-2 are being deployed by road operators and policy makers to improve intersection safety and rear-end collision warning amongst other features
  • Future-Proof Business Models for V2V Uptake: Examine the evolving value-chain and resulting V2V business models such as lifetime, subscription, service bundles, incentive-based (e.g. insurance discounts) models to understand how to boost ROI for mainstream deployment
  • Smartphones Pave The Way For V2X Penetration: Establish how smartphones and aftermarket devices will be certified for V2X systems with traffic safety applications such as blind spot alerts to improve accuracy and reliability

The following experts are confirmed to share their knowledge on this emerging sector.

  • Markus Bauer, Integrated Vehicle Safety, BMW
  • Gérard Segarra, Engineering ITS Innovation Pilot , Renault SAS
  • Soren Hess, chairman, ETSI Technical Committee on ITS
  • Gert Blom, mobility advisor, Helmond FOT
  • Tim Leinmüller, Info & Safety Engineering Department, Denso International
  • Juhani Jääskeläinen, head of unit, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission

The complimentary conference brochure, including full agenda and speaker line-up has been released by Telematics Update. It is available to download via the website:

Registration is open and can be made via the website: