BMW and Boeing team up with carbon fiber tech

BMW’s intentions have been made very clear on updated production materials for the cars they’ll be making in the future.

BMW is very interested in carbon fiber as the next big thing for production cars for the weight savings as well as fuel economy. While it has been demonstrated as feasible for high end supercars and such, there are a few hurdles to overcome.

Hopefully, the new partnership BMW worked over with airplane manufacturer Boeing, will make a difference towards that development.

The only somewhat mainstream manufacturer to have a similar collaboration with the aircraft industry giant for carbon fiber is Lamborghini.

Apart from being members of a rival group, the Raging Bull will obviously never specialize in making “Average Joe” vehicles.

Either way, there have been plenty of ideas swapped into the automotive industry from the aircraft industry.  Occasionally some ideas did go the other way.

So maybe a couple of generations down the line the BMW M3 will come with a carbon fiber shell. Whether this partnership benefits Boeing for their future products is unknown.

What we will be able to tell is what happens when future BMW models will lose considerable amounts of weight thanks to carbon fiber.

Compared to currently used lightweight panels made out of aluminium, up to 30% of the weight will be shaken off by the carbon fiber. That’s always a welcomed bit of news as everything is better with less weight.