A Drag Race: Nissan GT-R vs Tesla Model S

By Nicole Wakelin

Will the Nissan GT-R hold its own even with the altitude handicap? Hit the play button and watch the video to see the answer.

You have to be pretty confident in your ride to take on the almighty Nissan GT-R.

The owner of this Tesla Model S apparently has confidence and then some, because that’s exactly what he did at the Bandimere Speedway out in Morrison, Colorado.

The Tesla pitted its all-electric mettle against the turbo-charged Nissan GT-R monster, a car known for making supercars look like complete chumps.

This drag race took place at about 6,000 feet above sea level in Colorado, so there was a bit of a handicap there for the Nissan to overcome right from the start.

The turbo-charged Nissan feels the effects of higher altitudes less than its naturally aspirated counterparts, but it still takes a hit. The numbers work out to about a 1.5 percent performance decrease for every 1,000 feet of additional altitude. The all-electric Tesla, however, faces no such challenge.