TomTom releases iPhone app that detects speed cameras

Satellite navigation giant TomTom has launched an iPhone app that “improves safety by keeping users informed about speed limits during their journey. “That’s one way of looking at the company’s new Speed Camera app. Another way is that it encourages drivers to look at their phones behind the wheel in order to avoid getting caught speeding.

Launched yesterday, the app includes the location of 95% of fixed speed cameras, and has the backing of 1.6m users in 15 countries, any of which can update the database with the location of temporary or mobile cameras.

The app gives a countdown of the distance to a camera as the driver is approaching it. It can also monitor a vehicle’s speed so that a driver can avoid getting caught in an average speed enforcement zone.

“We all know that confident driving is safer driving,” said TomTom’s Gerry Hinds, “and that’s why we’re so pleased that we can now offer this accessible service to a much larger segment of the driving community.”

The app costs £3.99 for one month or £26.99 for twelve, although TomTom us currently offering introductory prices of £1.99/£16.99.