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Tips for Maintaining your Car Battery

Tips for Maintaining your Car Battery

Most people rarely give much thought to their car battery until their vehicle simply does not start one day. In order to work properly and provide you with the reliable performance you expect, your car battery does require some routine maintenance.

Biodiesel tips every fleet can use

1. Understand your OEMs’ warranty position on biodiesel and communicate with them your desire to use biodiesel blends in your diesel vehicles. For more information on OEM support for biodiesel, visit www.biodiesel.org/using-biodiesel/oem-information.

2. Ensure the biodiesel meets the ASTM specification for pure biodiesel (ASTM D 6751) before blending with petro diesel. Write these ASTM specifications into your fuel supplier’s bid specs.

Tips to Get the Best Rates on Your Car Insurance

Are you looking for a way to save some money here and there? If so, then you may want to take a look at your current car insurance rates, as you are likely paying more than you need to if you have not taken the time to shop around for insurance over the course of the past year.

driving through flash floods Tips from the experts

With the Met Office warning of torrential rain for a good while to come, here’s the IAM’s advice on driving through flash floods. As it happens, we drove through some of the worst of yesterday’s downpour, and it was far from a pleasant experience; this advice, from the IAM’s Drive & Survive series, is timely and very useful.Drive on the highest section of the road and don’t set off if a vehicle is approaching you Leave time and space to avoid swamping other cars and pedestrians.

country driving Tips from the experts

Here’s another installment from the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Drive & Survive series, this time helping you both drive and survive on the roads of the countryside. We’ll let the IAM’s expert, Simon Elstow, do the talking, as usual: