Next Range Rover ‘will cost £125,000’

Range Rovers are everywhere these days – this is self-evident – but that might not be the case with the next-generation version, due next year.Buoyed by the success of the £125,000 ultimate edition, and the horror show that was the Bentley EXP 9 F, Land Rover has decided to turn the Range Rover into a £125,000 super-luxury 4×4. Wow.

That’s what car weekly Autocar is reporting, anyway. It makes sense – Bentley will no doubt soften the design of its 4×4 before putting it on sale, and end up with a massive sales success.Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce is reportedly thinking about making an uber-luxury 4×4, as is Lamborghini, and Aston Martin is likely to follow suit; you may recall that Aston dipped its grille in the water with the Lagonda a little while ago, but withdrew when, like the EXP 9 F, it was decried universally because it was a scourge on the eyes.

Then there’s the Eterniti Hemera, which we’re led to believe is a genuine thing, as well as the proliferation of pimped Range Rovers and Porsche Cayennes filling up the streets, by companies like Kahn and TechArt. It all points towards an insatiable appetite for massively expensive hill climbers.

It’s the global nouveau-riche that are driving the trend upwards – the Russian and Chinese markets in particular, whose desire for super-luxury cars is growing. That said, the UK isn’t short of buyers happy to pay six-figure sums for a posh Land Rover – sales of the £125k Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate edition in the UK “exceeded expectations,” according to the company.

Talking in Autocar, Range Rover brand director John Edwards said: “Bentley and Lamborghini are entering the market and it’s exciting. We welcome them and are confident we can compete.”