Land Rover: only happy when it rains

Working in marketing at Land Rover gives you a strange view of the world: every autumn they pray for a really bad winter and now they are pointing to the floods as proof that Land Rovers are the essential choice. For the last couple of years, they have run big campaigns in the run-up to winter reminding people of the chaos snow can cause. It has certainly served them well: we spoke to one Land Rover dealer in the Cotswolds who said that people had been coming in during the snow of 2010 and refusing to leave until they had been sold a Land Rover – any Land Rover.

Now the company is issuing photographs of Land Rovers up to their axles in water to remind people that they can handle floods. We certainly would not argue with their wading ability: last year we went through an off road course in a Defender that was so deep that the headlights momentarily dipped under the water. Even the Evoque will go up to its headlights and carry on happily, as a run through a disused tunnel demonstrated.However, we would point out two things. In a flood, it is hard to predict how deep the water is going to be. One minute you could be wading up to the front grille, which is fine, and the next minute the bonnet could be under water, which is not fine at all. The other thing we could not help noticing is that the Land Rover pictures show their cars wading down rivers, rather than flooded roads.