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Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse “1 of 1″

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse “1 of 1” Revealed at Pebble Beach

Remember the black-and-yellow Veyron that was spotted outside of Bugatti factory in July?

Different reports suggested it is the last Legends Edition Veyron, dedicated to Elisabeth Junek, but as it turned out the last Legends Edition is Ettore Bugatti edition.

The black-and-yellow Veyron we saw testing last month is now also officially revealed as Grand Sport Vitesse “1 of 1”, taking inspiration from the brand’s historical colours.

The carbon-fibre body of the “1 of 1” edition is produced in black and yellow, and to guarantee it stays unique, Bugatti says the scheme and the split will be exclusive to this one-off model.

Bugatti has used the classic duo-tone combination of black and yellow on many cars, including the Fiacre bodies of the Type 41 Royale, the Type 55 and the Type 44.

In addition to a new colour scheme, the “1 of 1? also has a newly designed radiator grille, in which the customer’s initials, “PL”, were laser cut. All it took was more than 200 working hours “to attain this special, luxurious anodised duo-tone appearance in the finest quality”.

The classic black-and-yellow colour scheme continues in the interior with black leather, deep-black exposed carbon and yellow decorative stitching on the steering wheel, seats and gear selector lever.