VW accidentally advertises Fiat 500

Fiat has managed a cool piece of ambush marketing in Sweden – by parking a Fiat 500 directly outside VW headquarters when Google was filming it for Streetview. Now anyone in Sweden looking up the VW HQ in Södertälje will see a Fiat 500 perfectly parked under the VW corporate identity. Is it Fiat’s way of showing how much better looking the 500 is than the Beetle?

It is not clear how Fiat managed to pull off the stunt.  Did a Fiat-loving insider tip off the company that there would be filming that day for Streetview, or did some eagle-eyed Fiat employee notice the camera car lurking around the town?Whoever did it, Google Streetview users are going to be seeing the image for some time to come.  Even Google can’t afford to film every street every month, so it is likely to be a year or two before the image gets replaced.

We look forward to seeing how VW responds.  Come on guys, you have to top that with an even better prank on Fiat.  It shouldn’t be hard – this is the company that makes the swamp-monster Multipla, after all.

Our thanks to www.resume.se  for reporting the story originally.