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Volvo Trucks launches dual-clutch transmission for heavy-duty trucks

Volvo Trucks launches dual-clutch transmission for heavy-duty trucks

Volvo Trucks is now launching I-Shift Dual Clutch, the first transmission on the market with a dual clutch system for heavy vehicles. With power-shift gear changes without any interruption in power delivery (with the exception of the range-change, which takes place when shifting from 6th to 7th gear), the 12-speed transmission maintains torque, and the truck does not lose any speed during gear changes. For the driver, the result is more comfortable and efficient progress on the road.

Transmissions with dual clutches are already used in cars, but Volvo Trucks is the first manufacturer to offer a similar solution for series-produced heavy vehicles. Volvo Trucks says that fuel consumption with the base I-Shift Dual Clutch is the same as with regular I-Shift. The company is offering two software packages to improve fuel economy with the unit:

  • Long Haul & Fuel Economy, with intelligent functions to reduce fuel consumption; and
  • Long Haul & Fuel Economy with I-See, which adds the I-See functions, including I-Cruise, to the first package for larger reduction in fuel consumption. I-See software stores topography data and uses the information to reduce fuel consumption.

I-Shift Dual Clutch is a transmission consisting of two input shafts and a dual clutch, allowing two gears can be selected at the same time. It is the clutch that determines which of the gears is currently active. I-Shift Dual Clutch is based on the I-Shift automated manual transmission, but the front half of the gearbox has been redesigned with entirely new components.

I-Shift Dual Clutch can be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off (PTO), and emergency power steering pump. An oil cooler is standard.

Despite its many new components, the new gearbox is just 12 cm longer than a regular I-Shift unit.

I-Shift Dual Clutch.

I-Shift Dual Clutch is particularly effective in long haul operations and conditions that require a lot of gear changing, for example on hills or on roads with lots of twists and turns, or when driving through cities with plenty of roundabouts and traffic lights.

I-Shift Dual Clutch also makes a difference when transporting moving or liquid cargoes, such as animal transports and tanker operations, since the seamless gear changes prompt less movement in the cargo itself. Thanks to I-Shift Dual Clutch power-shifting, there is less risk of getting stuck on slippery or uneven roads, for instance when hauling timber in the forest.

I-Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without any disruption to power delivery. When driving in conditions where it is more optimal for the transmission to skip a few gears, the transmission changes gear just like a regular I-Shift unit.

I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available from autumn 2014 on the Volvo FH with Euro 6 D13 engines and with 460, 500 and 540 horsepower as an alternative to I?Shift and manual transmission.