Volvo FCR Scan Tool Review

” The Volvo Fault Code Reader is capable of reading the codes and more, but its best function is allowing you to read the codes in all the modules on the car including the motor controller.  The tool can be had for under £20 to over £100. It is available at the typical places like Amazon, eBay and many online merchants.

I chose My OBD Tools as the seller. The reason I chose to get it from them is shipping…Not the cost, but the speed. More on this later.

This tool installed easily. The supplied software was simply a matter of a couple clicks to have it working. It has a nice guide on the CD, but if you have ever installed a program on your PC, I doubt you will need the guide. The software is preset to search for the Volvo FCR on COM 1 of the laptop.

The tool and software are everything they are supposed to be. It can read all the fault codes in all of the modules on Volvo cars from 1996 to 2000. It is unfortunate that this software has not kept up so that it works on newer Volvos.

Opening the tool case revealed a really well constructed scanning tool. Very impressive for such a low price. The only thing I did not like was that it was a serial port tool and many new laptops do not have serial ports. I used an older laptop so I did not need try a USB to serial converter. Some people have had success with it using a USB adapter, but My OBD Tools  does not support it.

About the purchase location; I contacted some eBay sellers, most took two days to answer and stated shipping would require almost 3 weeks. Looking at Amazons’ stated shipping policy of 3 to 5 days before they ship seems excessive.  I contacted several online merchants about shipping. The people at My OBD Tools replied within a few hours, and confirmed a small stock (not a big seller I guess) of the Volvo FCR. They stated that an order could be shipped right away.

I placed the order, within a few hours I was notified that it had shipped and was provided a Customs Tracking number. It took longer for the Customs house to process the package than it did for shipment from the USA.

In the package was a DVD with the word “Gift” on it. It has many of the Volvo Quick Guides and User Manuals for the different models in pdf format. Guess I’ll never be without a user manual for many Volvo models ever again.

If you could use one of these tools to save yourself some money on an older Volvo, then this Volvo FCR tool is really worth the expense. Just exercise caution where you buy it and how much you pay for it.

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