X-Games Final Los Angeles

X-Games is fast, furious and dangerous. It is completely unlike European rallying except in one particular respect. Eight times World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb entered this completely unknown racing formula and beat everybody. Apart from Seb showing that he is in a class of his own, the main news of the weekend were two serious crashes, of a type unthinkable in European motorsport.

The first crash involved Finnish driver Toomas Heikkinen who failed to make a 50-foot jump and hit the second ramp at 50 mph. Although his Fiesta caught fire, he crawled to safety despite a broken ankle.Then Marcus Grönholm crashed into an exposed concrete lamp-post just after the same ramp. Grönholm was knocked unconscious and was taken to hospital. He is still in hospital now, although conscious and he is said to be in good spirits, despite some injuries that initially appeared to have been very serious. Changes were made to the course following both accidents (and complaints from drivers), but why did the accidents have to happen first? Exposed posts disappeared from European tracks years ago.

Seb romped away in the final, but his victory was diminished slightly by the fact that two of his greatest rivals were missing. As well as Marcus Gronholm crashing, Travis Pastrana was eliminated by another driver who drove into the back of him, wedging his car against a barrier and trapping the unfortunate Pastrana in his car for several minutes.