Vauxhall names its city car Adam

Vauxhall has announced that its new city car will be called Adam. Weird. And it was announced via the medium of a comic book strip featuring a wolfpack of zany actors. Weird.Actually, the company has so far used two comics and a video where seven words would have done: “this new car will be called Adam.”

It published the first comic strip last week, a long-winded pre-announcement that its forthcoming city car would get its official name today. So today we get the second episode in a saga that, we fear, will continue until long after the car goes on sale in 2013.

We think the premise is that the Adam is aimed at young buyers, who are all into comics and that. In other news, Tom Jones is working on a dubstep album. “It’s got a totally cowabunga vibe,” said the Welsh sex bomb in an interview.

We still don’t know exactly what Adam looks like, with Vauxhall having only released images of a disguised car, but we do know that the company thinks the Adam a MINI rival. “Sporty and muscular,” is how Vauxhall says it will look. Much like another Adam: Adam Rickets, circa 1999.

As with MINI’s range, we’re also promised a raft of customisation options for the Adam, which will be three-door only and sit on the Corsa platform.

No news on the engines yet, but expect three-cylinder petrols and probably the 1.3-litre diesel found in today’s Corsa. Prices will start from around £9,000.