Ultimate royalist’s runabout: Prince Charles’ Aston Martin for sale

A 1994 Aston Martin that HRH the Prince of Wales used as a runabout is to go under the hammer at Bonhams. The Virage Volante 6.3-litre will be sold in May at Bonham’s Aston Martin sale, held in Newport Pagnell on the 19th.

Bonhams reckons it’s worth somewhere between £50,000 and £70,000, but as with all these things, it could go for a whole lot more.

The green Virage was never actually owned by Charles, but was given to him by Aston Martin from new, and the Prince used it until 2007. It was serviced and maintained by Aston in Newport Pagnell, and so it’s absolutely immaculate, with only 34,000 miles on the clock.

For the last five years it’s been on display at Aston’s HQ in Gaydon. Why the company has decided to part with is unclear.

Not to worry, it will make an awesome summer convertible for someone, with or without the royal connection.

The 6.3-litre has 456bhp and 460lb.ft, so even by modern standards it’s rapid, hitting 60mph in 5.5 seconds. It has an electric hood, which incorporates a proper glass screen.

However, it’s a heavy thing, made back when convertibles required masses of heavy chassis strengthening to stop them wobbling like open cardboard boxes; convertibles still need strengthening, of course, but car companies are far more adept at doing it in a lightweight sort of way these days.

If you’re still not sure about making a bid, Aston says it will put it through its MOT and tax it before the sale. Worth thinking about, that.