Toyota Venza Auto High Beam – video

Feature switches headlights from high beam to low and back, without driver manipulation. Like most vehicles, the Toyota Venza has an automatic setting for the headlights, in this case on the steering-wheel stalk. Most people usually just leave a car’s headlight switch on this setting so they don’t have to think about turning the headlights on or off.

After switching on the high beams in a 2013 Venza Limited and then encountering a car coming from the opposite direction, the headlights dim before reaching for the switch. Cool. And after the car passed, the high beams automatically switch back on just as quickly.

Checking the manual the Venza has an Automatic High Beam feature similar to Mercedes-Benz Adaptive High Beam Assist and Ford’s Automatic High Beams on some of its vehicles. Toyota now adds a new twist to this technology on the Venza.

The Toyota Venza had Automatic High Beams that just worked. The difference between the Toyota feature and others is the others require the driver to activate them manually. But on the Toyota Venza it is a set-and-forget feature. It switches to low beams when vehicles turn in front of it and even upon going from a dark area to one with streetlights.

Driving at night can be difficult enough. But technology like Toyota’s Automatic High Beam, which is standard on the Limited trim level, makes it easier and safer, with less distraction for the driver.