Tips from the experts: using digital displays safely

The latest IAM Drive & Survive series tells motorists how to survive while driving and using one of them fancy pants digital dashboard displays. Here goes then…Avoid the temptation to use any features that require input from the driver on the move.

Set your sat nav before you go, and prepare a music playlist for your journey to avoid fiddling with the system while driving.

Find somewhere safe to pull over if you need to set up a destination on your sat nav, or look for a local amenity.

Familiarise yourself with how your interactive technology works.

Make sure you know your route – don’t just rely on your sat nav.

“These high tech dashboards will help make driving safer to some extent, with hands-free phone calls and a direct alert to call emergency services in the event of an accident. But with many of the features of smartphones they pose another in-car distraction,” says an IAM press release.