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UK Drivers show low interest in electric cars

Nissan e-NV200 - UK Drivers show low interest in electric cars

Just one per cent of car buyers would consider buying an electric car and only 13 per cent are interested in buying a hybrid vehicle, according to a survey.

UK Drivers Don’t Want Blanket 20mph Limits

Road safety charity The Institute of Advanced Motorists has established that, despite frenetic campaigning, most motorists don’t want blanket 20mph speed limits.

IAM research revealed that while UK drivers are very supportive of lower speed limits outside schools, with ninety-four per cent of respondents agreeing that this would be a good idea, half of the drivers canvassed are against a blanket 20mph speed limit with under a third willing to embrace the idea and a fifth are undecided. Male drivers are more likely to be against the idea than female.

Three-quarters of drivers can’t check their oil

A survey commissioned by Mobil, purveyors of sensational engine oil, has found that 75% of British drivers don’t know how to check their car’s oil. Half of all drivers don’t even know why oil is used. Mobil sells oil, by the way.Most staggeringly, 94% of motorists surveyed by Mobil – the company that sells Mobil 1 oil – are unaware that using the correct oil can significantly prolong the life of an engine, as well as improving fuel economy. Mobil sells Mobil 1 oil.