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UK Drivers show low interest in electric cars

Nissan e-NV200 - UK Drivers show low interest in electric cars

Just one per cent of car buyers would consider buying an electric car and only 13 per cent are interested in buying a hybrid vehicle, according to a survey.

Electric cars appeal to younger, wealthier drivers

Tesla Model S

Logic dictates that all cars with greener credentials would appeal equally to consumers with a social conscience. However new data from Experian Automotive, published this week, shows that there is a clear generational split when it comes to choosing a more environmentally friendly ride.

Fisker Automotive hastens its search for a buyer

Fisker Automotive is the group that presented a surprise debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This surprise debut was possibly more intended to showcase their potential to suitors rather than generate customer interest for their future products.

Volvo Developing New Fast-Charger For Electric Cars

Plugging your electric car into an ordinary single-phase 230 V household outlet gives a charging time of 8-10 hours, depending on the available current. That’s fine for overnight charging, but way too long if you need a quick charge between your daily commute.

Electric cars are not the answer, say drivers

A survey of UK drivers by YouGov has revealed that most of us don’t see electric cars as a better alternative to conventional cars in the long term.In response to the statement electric cars are the only real future alternative,” only quarter of 2,000 motorists actually agreed with it. Around half disagreed with it entirely. The other quarter said “meh”. Almost 70% of drivers think electric cars are a “limited” alternative to today’s internal combustion cars, suggesting that, despite the best efforts of Nissan and Renault*, an electric future is far from assured.