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Alcoa unveils major advance in aluminum manufacturing technology

Alcoa’s Micromill has a much smaller footprint than conventional direct casting technology, and produces automotive aluminum alloys with 40% greater formability and 30% greater strength.

Alcoa has developed new manufacturing technology—the Micromill—that will produce what the company says is the most advanced aluminum sheet on the market. The Micromill will enable the next-generation of automotive aluminum products, and equip Alcoa to capture growing demand from automakers for lighter-weight, yet durable and formable materials.

Alcoa opens world’s largest Aluminium-Lithium plant in Indiana

Alcoa officially opened the world’s largest aluminium-lithium plant in Lafayette, Indiana where it produces advanced, third-generation aluminium-lithium alloys for the aerospace industry. Aircraft manufacturers are increasingly turning to lighter and stronger aluminium-lithium alloys, which are less expensive than titanium and composites and enable better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Alcoa introduces lightest weight heavy-duty truck wheel

Alcoa introduces lightest weight heavy-duty truck wheel

Unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking show, Alcoa’s new 40-pound (18 kg) wheel is 47% lighter than steel wheels of the same size. The Ultra ONE can help save up to 1,400 pounds (635 kg) per rig, enabling fleets to carry more goods while meeting stringent federal emissions regulations.