Renault electric car does 1,005 miles – in a day

A Renault Zoe (a Clio-sized hatchback due to go on sale shortly) has run for just over 1,000 miles in 24 hours to demonstrate its range and fast-charging system.The distance of 1,005 miles, achieved on the speed ring at the Aubevoye technical centre (CTA) in Normandy, France, was 26% further than the previous record of 795 miles. The record attempt was helped by the use of Renault’s new Chameleon charger. This makes Zoe compatible with any socket and any power level. Zoe was therefore able to be fast-charged at 43 kW, regaining 80% of battery capacity in under thirty minutes – that is a charging rate you definitely should not try at home.

Renault, makers of the electric Twizy, also says that the record was helped by “the best-in-class NEDC range of 130 miles” or a real-life range of between 62 and 93 miles depending on conditions. The company says the record-breaking Zoe had to recharge 18 times, so a quick calculation suggests its average range was 56 miles. It must have been a complex calculation to work out what balance between speed and frequency of recharging would give the longest overall distance.The Zoe will go on sale in the UK later this year, with prices on-the-road from £13,650, plus monthly battery hire from £70. Customers can currently reserve one on  for £49 deposit, and also receive exclusive Zoe content.