One-Year Old Baby Girl Miraculously cheats death twice

Russian dash cam videos show very disturbing things once in a while. Here’s a video that every parent should watch.

Actually anyone who has the drivers license. Always consider weather conditions not the speed limit when on the road and PLEASE strap your kids to a car seat, that is right for their age.

On this icy carriageway a Mitsubishi Outlander lost control and spun into the oncoming lane, where a large lorry hit the rear part of it, which it was destroyed enough to dump the unstrapped 1-year old girl to the road.

A lorry driver coming the other way spotted the child – crawling in the middle of the road – and veered around her, missing the girl by a few inches.

Her parents then ran from their wrecked car and picked up their baby daughter from road, just as another lorry was coming the other way.

The girl however did suffer face and head injuries from the crash and was hospitalized.

We wish her all the best. There was clearly someone watching over her as it could have ended in a very sad and scary way.