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Nissan’s Next Electric Vehicle is Here

Nissan's Next Electric Vehicle is Here

Nissan is bringing another electric car to the market. The e-NV200 is Nissan’s second all-electric car, which they pushed forward even though their first model did not sell particularly well.

They were the first to sell a mass production, all-electric car with the LEAF in 2010.

The e-NV200 is a zero-emission commercial van. On a full charge, it can make it 120 miles.

E-NV200 will have either five or seven seats. It’s set to start selling in Europe sometime this summer or early fall, then launch in Japan in October. Prices start at $37,900, but if they receive government subsidies for green vehicles, the price could decrease.

Because LEAF was not a hot selling vehicle — only 115,000 units globally — Nissan has a relatively small goal for e-NV200: just 200 units per month in Japan.

This article was originally published at http://www.thewire.com/technology/2014/06/nissans-next-electric-car-is-here/372444/