Multi Use SYPHON and AIR PUMP Review

” This Suphon pump is available online at many places. it can be had for £6 to £10 including the shipping. It is a very cheap Chinese built product for syphoning liquids like petrol, diesel, water, and oils

It is a very inexpensive tool and you should understand that it is not built the best, but it can do a decent job and provide good value. The pipes do not fit well into the pump body and need to be shoved in rather tightly. The first time warm the pipes in hot water seems to make it a little easier. Afterward to insure no leaks, it could help by sealing them with tape around the connections.

It can syphon petrol but you may need more pipe length to reach inside the tank completely. After using it for this, remember to syphon some lubricant through it and leave a bit for some time or it will seize. I tried WD40 but that is not a good lubricant choice. I found that if I pumped some old oil that was sufficient.

It can remove diesel from a fuel tank without risk of spillage. However you will need to check that there is no restrictor in the filler neck to prevent syphoning.

To get it to syphon, I found that having the pump midway between the top and bottom positions works best. Positioning the pump at top or bottom negates the syphoning capability a bit.

It is very useful for changing the rear kubricants without having to disassemble which can save money and time. It can be used to syphon the old power assist fluid from the reservoir for renewing it. Just be inventive with your thinking and you’ll find many uses for it.

It can be used around the house as well as in the garage, and simply from the price and capabilities it is worth having one for when it is needed.