Motorists driving less as high fuel costs persist

High fuel costs continue to plague Britain’s motoring community, with nine out of 10 citing escalating petrol prices as their main complaint.

The research by showed that fuel costs, surging insurance premiums, badly maintained roads and continuous roadworks are forcing motorists to change their driving habits, reported The Guardian.

The survey found that 75% of drivers were frustrated by the rising costs of owning a car, while 71% were put off by the countless potholes and never-ending roadworks.

Many of those polled said they were leaving their cars home as a result. The online poll of 2,669 drivers found that four in 10 are cutting back on time spent on the road and looking to public transport (20%), walking (32%) or cycling (5%). Others looked elsewhere to cut costs, such as reducing grocery bills or cancelling gym memberships.

Another 71% believed that government policies are not on their side despite the postponement of a 3p fuel duty rise due for August but now to be implemented in January 2013.

Phill Jones,’s commercial director, said: “Not only are drivers tired of the cost of driving, they’re exhausted by the state of the roads, maintenance of which has badly fallen by the wayside.

“The number of consumers cutting back on driving is frankly alarming, and it is imperative that both the government and the local councils do all they can to get Britain back on the roads.”