Mitsubishi Plastics to enter engine exhaust NOx gas catalyst business

Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, announced the full-scale entry into NOx exhaust gas catalyst manufacturing with its unique high-performance zeolite AQSOA used in the SCR System (SCR catalyst).

The SCR System is a means of converting NOx contained in exhaust gas into nitrogen and water with the aid of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) or AdBlue. The market of this technology is expected to expand rapidly for its catalytic performance. Mitsubishi Plastics will establish a global production/supply system of the high-performance zeolite AQSOA for SCR catalysts and further improve the quality of the product in its proactive efforts to expand the SCR catalyst market.

Mitsubishi Plastics is developing the business for the unique high-performance zeolite AQSOA, taking advantage of the excellent water vapor adsorbent performance, in adsorption chillers and desiccant air-conditioners that have the potential to use solar heat and low-temperature sources such as factory exhaust heat.

Under the current global trend of increasingly more stringent automotive and truck exhaust regulation, a significant market expansion is expected for the SCR System, which reduces NOx. And demand for zeolitic catalysts used in the system is also expected to expand rapidly, Mitsubishi claims.

To meet this trend, Mitsubishi Plastics focused on SCR catalysts as a new application for the use of unique high-performance zeolite AQSOA and has advanced the development of AQSOA for SCR catalysts since 2009. The development efforts resulted in a success, realizing an SCR catalyst that delivers superior catalytic performance at wide temperature including low temperature ranges around 200 C, and achieves high durability even under a high-temperature environment that is essential for SCR catalysts.

Mitsubishi Plastics is already contacting some of its customers with samples of AQSOA and under discussion for further improvement and the establishment of global production/supply systems to prepare for a rapid market growth expected in and after 2014.

“With a sales target of 10 billion yen in five years, Mitsubishi Plastics is committed to expand the business of AQSOA for SCR catalysts as our new business,” said Takumi Ubagai, president and CEO at Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.