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Millers Oils Launches Spill Free Oil ‘Can’

Flowcontrol bottle launch
Millers Oils has launched a new type of plastic 5 litre oil bottle designed to fill or top up engines without spills and without the need for a funnel.

The container, with its easy-pour mechanism, revolutionises bottle design by enabling the user to control oil flow, without the use of a funnel, preventing contamination and spills.

The design follows Millers Oils’ recognition of the difficulties and issues consumers face when topping up and changing oil at home.

“An independent test has shown that 80% of cars that go into garages are low on oil,” says Mark Berry, Business Development Manager – Automotive, Millers Oils.

“Many drivers may have concerns about topping up oil at home because it can be complicated and messy. The new easy-pour bottle allows owners to control the flow of oil, preventing spillage, over-filling and the risk of contamination that can occur when using funnels to distribute oil, reducing the risk of damage to components.”

Owners often use one funnel for various purposes at home, such as topping up engine oil in multiple cars or filling the lawnmower, this can lead to contamination of the oil which can cause expensive component damage.

The Flowcontrol® bottle combats this and enables consumers to top-up or change engine oil at home, with ease and confidence. Millers Oils has also recognised the need to provide drivers with oil advice and offers technical support as well as an online look-up service to ensure that consumers are using the correct and best oil for their engine. The new bottle will be available from selected outlets in early July 2014, retailing at the same price as a current standard 5L bottle of the same oil grade.

More at www.millersoils.co.uk