Geneva Motor Show 2013: McLaren P1 full story emerges

McLaren has confirmed pricing and production details of its P1 hypercar, ahead of its full unveil at the Geneva Motor Show. The official list price will be £866,000, and 375 of the 217mph car will be built at the company’s Woking factory.

We already know that the P1 produces 916PS thanks to a combination of the V8 engine fitted to the MP4-12C and an electric motor. Because it’s effectively a hybrid, it manages to emit less than 200g/km of CO2, and can run for seven miles on battery alone. A series of new images has also been revealed showing a couple of details that have changed in the transition from concept to production car. These include revised vents in in the front wings and different vents at the rear of the car.

It’s not confirmed performance figures yet, other than 0-62mph taking ‘less than three seconds’, 0-124mph in ‘under seven’, and 0-186mph in ‘less than 17 seconds’. That makes its significantly faster at accelerating than the legendary F1, although maximum speed is well down, as it’s electronically limited to 217mph.

We’re still not sure when the P1 goes on-sale, but as potential customers have already been wooed by the company, it’s a good bet that the order books are already open.