Five speeders caught at over 140 mph

Those of us who neurotically watch the speedometer when driving through average speed checks may be surprised to hear that five people were caught last year doing more than twice the motorway speed limit.

Insurance company LV made Freedom of Information requests to police forces across the country to reveal the highest speeds they had recorded.

The highest speed of all was recorded by a motorbike in Sussex clocked at 152 mph. Two drivers were also clocked in Scotland at over 140 mph. All three were caught on A-roads rather than motorways, suggesting the culprits got completely carried away on their favourite roads. In fact the two roads most likely to see insane speeds are the A27 (Sussex) and A90 (Scotland)

The fastest motorway offender was caught doing 142 mph on the M4. It is not clear if that was an escaping criminal trying to outrun a chasing police car, or some muppet who really thought he could get away with a high-speed blast. A driver might get away with 90 mph on a motorway, but 140 mph plus is going to get anyone noticed.

Quoted in the Daily Telegraph, Edmund King, AA president said: “This data shows that there are still some crazy, reckless drivers on some of our roads. Driving at these speeds should be reserved for the racetrack rather than the public highway.

“Even if this irresponsible high speed driving doesn’t result in a crash, if convicted, it will lead to lengthy driving bans, high fines (up to £2,500), increased insurance and possible prison sentences.”