Ebay ELM 327 v1.5 Review

This  ELM 327 v1.5  was purchased from a seller on eBay to test what they are like. The seller was located in China. This same seller is on Amazon too. The photo is the picture of that obd2 scan tool received. The wait time for the tool to arrive was a bit over a fortnight.

Upon arrival I read the documentation, I inserted the tool into my laptop USB port, installed the drivers they sent. Then I  installed one of the free software programs on the same cd. I preconfigured the software to the tool. Took it out and connected the tool to the OBD2 port of the car.

Turned the car on, and started the software. The software found the tool easy enough, but would not connect to the car’s computer. Thinking that the software might be the problem, I installed some of the other software and all failed to connect to the car’s computer.

Everything I tried had failed, including restoring my laptop to a previous time and reinstalling everything. Finally, I decided to look inside the tool’s case. I carefully removed the screws that hold it together, and looked inside.

The small computer board that connects to the obd2 connector was connected by solder joints, but they were broken. This stopped the tool function.

I would have returned the tool for a replacement, but it would cost about what I paid for this one so it was not worth the time. I carefully removed the components, resoldered the joints, and inserted the components back into the case. As I reinstalled the components in the case, the joints broke again.

This was obviously a situation of very bad design, manufacturing, and too cheap in the selection of components. What it should have had was a block of wiring connectors from the component board to the obd2 connector.

So the lesson here is to buy a quality tool from a vendor that has a vested interest in building long term relationships with customers and does not have a cheap product like many found on ebay, and Amazon.

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