Drivers show appalling lack of Highway Code knowledge

Most of us claim that we know the Highway Code like the back of our trousers, yet the reality is different. Harrowingly so. That’s according to the results of the Goodyear Test the Nation survey, which has found that while half of us reckon our knowledge of the Code is good or very good, a worrying number get the basics wrong.

The survey of 2,000 drivers showed that 44% don’t know that a traffic light showing red and amber together means stop.Perhaps more disconcertingly, just under three in ten think it’s perfectly ok to drive over a zebra crossing when there’s a pedestrian waiting to cross. About the same number don’t know what the speed limit is in a built up area. These are active drivers, remember.And when shown a ‘no right turn’ sign, one in seven thought it meant that a road ahead on the right was closed.