Drivers fret about commuting safely

Nearly a third of car commuters have had a near miss in the last year, according to a web poll from IAM Drive & Survive. 45% of drivers polled would like their employer to provide support for them to improve their driving. The survey also found that 98% of drivers said they are exposed to negligent road users on their journey, 40% of them frequently. 45% admitted they have made a mistake which has made them worry about their safety in the last year.

27% would like further driver training and 14% want clear company policies on circumstances in which they shouldn’t travel.

IAM head of training Simon Elstow said: “Driving to work is a risky business and a bad journey can affect people’s mood at work. It’s in the employer’s best interest to help their staff enjoy a stress-free commute, whether that’s through guidance materials, optional training, company policies, or ride-to-work schemes.

“Company driving policy needs to make it clear that while employees should plan their journey to be on time, if they are going to be late they shouldn’t rush or use a handheld mobile on the move. Traffic is unpredictable, and drivers shouldn’t feel forced to drive dangerously for fear of punishment.”

Although a veiled pitch for more work, the survey does contain an important message for companies. In case of an accident, a company is going to be in a more secure position if it has taken steps to educate or train its workforce.