Drivers addicted to anti-social media

The latest report on motoring from the RAC Foundation has found that 19% of under 24-year-olds have used social media while driving. All motorists have been aware of the dangers of holding mobile phones (21% have admitted to doing that), then the big danger became texting (38% of the under 44 year-old age group say they are guilty).  Now we have social media to worry about as well.  The idea of updating your Facebook profile on the move is probably quite attractive – until the update says, “Just crashed my car” – or worse.

42% of respondents would like to see a ban for people convicted of mobile phone related offences, whilst 53% support fines and three or six points on a licence.  What proportion of the moral majority also engaged in these activities would be interesting to know. As with so many motoring misdemeanours, we sometimes want other people to stop doing them, so it becomes safer for us to behave badly. “Everyone else should pay attention, so I don’t have to” is not exactly unknown.The RAC Foundation says there needs to be a lot more campaigning by the government to make the misuse of mobile phones in cars socially unacceptable. It points out that very few people now tolerate drink-driving, and says the attitude to misusing mobile phones should be the same.