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Consumer Reports: BMW M235i scores 98 out of 100

The BMW 2 Series is, along the new generation 3 series and the all new 4 series, a model from BMW which fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

With it being out for a while now, the next step is the now innevitable M variant for the beast.

But while the M2 will definitely appeal to a lot of enthusiasts out there, let’s not forget the slightly lesser version, the M235i. In fact, the BMW M235i is so good, that Consumer Reports gave it 98 out of 100 point during their review.

How did the small car manage to pull that off?

Well, it seems that the BMW M235i is a bit of a return to the roots of BMW, steering away from luxury and returning to the basics: delivering the ultimate driving machine.

And it does so with a relatively low price tag. For the US market, the BMW M235i starts around the $43.000 mark, a fair amount for what it has to offer.