Chevrolet Aveo to Mongolia

“City cars” are so-called for a good reason, but one amateur team of adventurers wants to drive a Chevrolet Aveo to Ulan Bator in Mongolia to raise money for charity. It is taking part in the Mongolian Rally, whose best known participant was probably Nick Hewer, of “The Apprentice” fame, who did it in an old Renault 4 in 2008. The rally only has two fixed points: a party in the Czech Republic and a party in Ulan Bator.

No doubt the competitors who make it will be taking lots of videos of themselves, saying, “I am now somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan”. How teams get from one party to the other is up to them. Some teams will go south via Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, others will apparently go north via the Arctic circle and another group will travel through central Asia. We are no travel experts here, but we might be inclined to skip any route that involves Iraq and Afghanistan in anything without armour-plating.
The Chevrolet Aveo team is raising money for SOS Children’s Villages in Mongolia – to which the Aveo (or what is left of it) will be donated. They are also selling interaction opportunities along the way.The Aveo has a team of three drivers – a marketing manager, a biologist and an investment banker. Rumours that the investment banker is only being given a one-way ticket cannot be confirmed at this stage.