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Brand new BTTF promo DeLorean for sale

How much would you like to go back in time in a DeLorean? Obviously the answer is, “I would like to do that very much, kind squire…but how?”Here’s how. A DeLorean is about to go on sale at the Imperial War Museum, complete with very low mileage.The DeLorean only has 326 miles on the clock – delivery mileage, basically – so to buy it will be to step right back into the ’80s. In a way.Of course, without the Back To The Future saga shining a big, fake Hollywood lighting rig on the DeLorean DMC-12 (its full name), it’s just a really crap car with trick doors and an extremely questionable gestation.

Long story, but it basically involves Colin Chapman (Lotus’ founder), the Northern Irish government, drug trafficking, and the embezzlement of tens of millions of British taxpayers’ money; Lotus tends to gloss over the whole DeLorean thing when it’s harping on about Colin Chapman’s special ‘philosophy’.Anyway, not only does this particular DeLorean have a surprisingly low mileage, it was actually used in the promotion of the original Back To The Future movie.

Auction organiser¬† H&H hasn’t said what the reserve price is, if any, but in this condition, and with this provenance, it’s likely to attract a bidding war.

It goes on sale April 19th.