BMW i3 REx reporting ‘check engine light’ problems

BMW i3 REx check engine light

From the very start, when BMW announced the small electric city car, the i3, things were looking rather good for them.

Now, a full month after the Range Extended version started deliveries in the US, the i3 has had so much praise and so many good reviews, that something was bound to happen.

This bit of karmic rebalance came in the form of a check engine light that appears it seems at random and for now apparent reason. This is limited to the range extended versions of the i3, for obvious reasons, and only to the US units.

Of course, the owners in question did the normal thing and checked them back into dealerships. And here’s the twist. Their technicians can make the bothersome light go away, but have no idea what is causing it, or if the issue applies to every single unit out there. I do hope this will not spark a recall.