Biker survives being hit by lorry – Video

The terrifying crash was uploaded by the Triumph Speed Triple biker, “LazyDaysRider”, to the YouTube video site – and shows the 44-tonne truck turn into his path.

The video starts with a warning that it is “upsetting and extremely hard to watch”. And he’s right. The impact comes as a major shock, but the rider says he uploaded the footage to warn others of the dangers on the road.

The biker added: “I saw both lorries in a stationary position with plenty of time and distance to spare. The wide-angle lens that the Drift HD camera uses makes objects in the video appear to be slightly different to what it actually is.

“I reduced my speed and I moved myself into the centre of the lane in anticipation; that kind of stuff was drilled into me during my CBT, A2 training and BikeSafe courses so I know for sure that I did it.

“I had no chance whatsoever to avoid the truck as there was an extremely short amount of distance between the point of the driver moving and the point of impact. If by some form of Godly action, I had done, then there may well have still been contact and I may well have been under the wheels of the other truck. Who knows?”

The biker came away with serious injuries, but was well enough to upload this video after the accident, which took place on 28 August 28