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Automatic Digital Compressor with LED Light by Ring Automotive

air compressor A well built, easy to operate kit once you get the knack of setting the tire air pressures. The connection to the tyre being screw rather than the clip on type helps. It is quick to inflate, the lighting is excellent, and the screw adapter is secure. The cable reel is on the bottom so you do not have to try and stuff the power cable back in a hole when you’re finished, but it is a tad fiddly. The inflation readings appear to be very accurate, and the pump makes it a quick and easy job to optimise tire air pressures. It is a snap to keep tyre pressures up to the appropriate pressures prior to traveling any major distances.

A slightly longer lead for the power feed would be good, so more than one car at a time can be inflated. It needs more vibration absorption mount/material inside for the pump itself as it is a bit noisy and can move around a bit if placed on the floor.

The size of the thing all make it easy to use. The pump is easy to stow away in the boot, taking up little space in its holdall. This wee machine can actually help to save money as well.

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