Alfa Romeo beats Aston Martin to Villa d’Este prize

The Alfa Romeo 4C, a concept car first unveiled all the way back at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, has taken the Design Award for Concept Cars & Prototypes at the Concorso d’Eleganza in Villa d’Este. It beat the Aston Martin Project AM310, no less – that’s the concept car that reportedly previews the next-generation DBS, which will definitely look completely different to all the other Martin Astons. Definitely.

The Alfa 4C is actually very close to a production car that’s due in 2013, and which will spearhead Alfa’s return to the American market.There’s talk of the 4C being carbon fibre bodied and rear-wheel drive, so it’ll be light and handle properly as well as looking beautiful. And all this for around £40,000. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Alfa won three other awards at the show, including the prestigious Coppa d’Oro for a 6C 1750 GS.