Vulcan bomber and classic cars at Carfest

Chris Evans’ CarFest will play host to the last flying Vulcan bomber, one of the world’s most remarkable military aircraft, as well as two big auctions of classic cars.

The Vulcan was originally designed as a nuclear bomber in the 1950s, before intercontinental ballistic missiles made the concept obsolete. It had one last hurrah, when a Vulcan made the longest bombing raid in history to attack the airport in the Falkland Islands during the 1982 war – almost 4,000 miles from a base in the Ascension Islands. That feat required a convoy of aerial refuelling tankers and a total consumption of 240,000 gallons of fuel.
Anyway, back to the cars. Both CarFest North and CarFest South will feature auctions of classic cars, with some pretty rare vehicles. A few that take our fancy are the 1976 Alpine A310 (pictured), the actual 1960s flower-power Mini used in the Marks and Spencer retro advert, a 1974 XJ6 with just 9,500 miles and a Lancia Fulvia Zagato.

The idea behind CarFest, the brainchild of Chris Evans, is to combine new and classic supercars in action, a collection of £1 million plus hypercars, car club arenas, classic race and rally cars – all accompanied by gourmet food and great music. The proceeds will go to BBC Children in Need.