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German drifter sets new 89.55-mile Guinness Record drift in Toyota GT86

Little over a year ago BMW Performance Centre Instructor Johan Schwartz established a new world record for the longest drift.

Cosworth Power Packages for Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86

Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 are almost identical and the only real difference are few design tweaks specific to each automaker.

Toyota GT86 traditional sports car with latest technology – video

Toyota is back in the fast lane with the boxer engined GT86 coupe. No, it is not a replacement of the Celica. Rather it is a spiritual successor to the rear-drive Corolla GTs of yesteryear.

Toyota GT86 Ad Banned Because it Promotes ‘Dangerous Driving’

This does not make much sense, but the Advertising Standards Agency here in UK has banned the Toyota GT86 advert called “The Real Deal” after only two complaints.

Toyota GT86: The Real Deal -VIDEO

Advertising copy from Toyota, but the video is still worth a look!