Steal a Catalytic Converter with stealth and ease

The people in Roseville, California USA are having a large problem with thieves stealing catalytic converters from lorries and other high risk vehicles.

It has become so bad that the The Roseville Patch in Roseville, California, is offering free painting and etching on catalytic converters to prevent theft of catalytic converters. The above video from them demonstrates the ease of which a car thief can steal a catalytic converter.

Watch how quickly someone can cut through the exhaust pipe on a car while making almost no noise.

A Roseville resident’s 2011 Toyota Tundra on Wednesday made for an obvious visual aid of the expensive problems that can arise when catalytic converters are stolen.

Only half of the lorry’s four catalytic converters were stolen–the thief botched the removal of the driver’s side section–but the repairs will still cost about £2,500, Roseville Toyota Shop Foreman Michael Morrison said Wednesday.

He was demonstrating a new, free program to mark and identify catalytic converters on high-risk vehicles like lorries and SAVs. The city of Roseville donated money to purchase high-temperature paint and engraving tools, and three shops around town are donating the labor to paint and etch license plate numbers into the pricey parts.

So how is it so many thieves so often make off with catalytic converters without anyone noticing?

Morrison grabbed a chain pipe cutter, a common automotive tool that can be had for about £65, and demonstrated. Watch the video above to see how easy it is for thieves to quickly and quietly cut the exhaust pipe on a car.