Spy in the car!

BigBrother wants to take away more, spying on the use of man’s cherished possession! The term “Big Brother is watching you” originated in Orwell’s brilliant book Nineteen Eighty-Four where the population is observed and controlled in every walk of life.

Orwell’s book was first published in 1949, and his prediction has proved to be alarmingly accurate; the UK has approximately 1.85 million CCTV cameras and the average Briton is caught on camera 70 times a day. As most know we are already being watched as we walk down the street or pop into a drive-through, but we may soon be tracked behind the wheel too.

The AA is set to launch a new insurance policy which uses satnav technology to track driver performance. They are the first large insurer to adopt this policy which involves the installation of a small black box into the driver’s car which records how they drive. The box will monitor speed, braking severity, cornering and the types of roads used during certain times of the day. Invasion of privacy – why would anyone want this unless for ‘Old Granny Smith’ or driving a bus, for heaven’s sake?

It works simply enough, the information is transmitted to the insurers, and can also be accessed by users via a website which gives information on overall performance, warning them if they are likely to be moved to a higher premium. It can also be used to prove who was at fault in accidents, detect sudden hard braking, send assistance, and even send stroppy emails to a driver if extreme speeds are tracked.

The insurer is insisting that the system would allow its better drivers to receive cheaper premiums and make all drivers think about driving safely. The police will want it next and the government will think of the revenue they would generate from the 70% of the driving population who don’t adhere to the current speed limits, especially on motorways.

This device would, however, be useful for young drivers who have staggering high premiums and don’t have enough experience to be let loose on the roads without it nowadays.It would likely stop reckless driving and ultimately accidents from this growing group of road users.

Personally, its not my cup of tea, a spy in the car.Next they’ll want to monitor bedroom performance to see how fast we go, this too under the guise it’s for insurance, yes life insurance,to make sure we are not overdoing something.Sorry!

The very thought that these arrogant people tracking my every move is alarming (get your own entertainment or better still a life).