Now BMW sues Saab over "lost" engines

The legal black hole that is the Saab saga ($3 billion of legal claims and still counting) has sucked in another case.

BMW is claiming that it supplied engines worth £2 million to Saab, which have now gone missing. Of course, with the bankruptcy of Saab, no money was ever paid for them.

BMW is said to be suing Saab Automobile Parts for the missing money. However Saab Parts boss, Lennart Stahl, told industry website just-auto “I don’t know where the parts are – we have never got anything from BMW. We are not a sales company and there are no Saabs with BMW engines – I guess they [engines] are in Trollhattan. I guess they are the property of the receivers.”

To the surprise of the industry, BMW signed a deal with Saab in 2010 to supply 200,000 engines. At the time, BMW said it was confident in Saab’s future – one hopes BMW did not invest too much in additional production facilities.

In the meantime, the Swedish press is reporting that the bizarre plan to create an electric vehicle manufacturer out of Saab, by a consortium called NEVS, is close to collapse. Now that Scania has vetoed the use of the Saab griffin logo, it is hard to see quite what NEVS would be buying apart from a car factory based in high-cost Sweden. When NEVS is largely backed by Chinese money, that seems an odd place to make cars.