New Ford B-Max plays part in Military Tattoo

The annual entertainment spectacular that is the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will feature Ford’s new B-Max MPV, playing the part of chauffeur as it carries the Tattoo Salute taker’s welcome party across the drawbridge of Edinburgh Castle and to the Toast which starts the event.Tattoo producer Brigadier David Allfrey, Major Jim Reid (Tattoo support company commander) and the Lone Piper, along with a highland dancer and medieval waif make up the welcome party. Ford said they emerge from the car each evening “through the 1.5-metre unobstructed opening provided by Ford’s Easy Access Door System, which combines hinged front doors and sliding rear doors” for easy access.

The Tattoo takes place against the floodlit backdrop of Edinburgh Castle embracing a host of multinational talent from around the world, including pipers, drummers, singers, dancers as well as the first iconic comic-strip characters to grace the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle.

Ford has been an official vehicle sponsor of the Tattoo since 2001. Established in 1950 as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an integral part of the city’s summer festivals with around 217,000 attendees, while another 100 million people across the globe watch the Tattoo on television.

Showcasing the car at the Military Tattoo will no doubt help Ford’s marketing of the car which will be in dealerships next month. The B-Max also hosts the International Engine of the Year, the carmaker’s impressive 1.0-litre 118hp Ecoboost unit.